Stephanie is a certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, women’s circle facilitator, and ceremony leader. It is her passion to help others reach a state of wholeness and deep presence with themselves and all aspects of life. Whether it be with a large group or in her one on one sessions, she creates a safe and sacred space for this to occur.

Growing up Stephanie could usually be found doing one of two things: participating in some form of the performing arts or reading a book to feed her insatiable quest for all things related to spirituality and the Divine. Connecting with others through heightened creative expression gave her a profound spiritual experience that would lay the groundwork for her healership today.

While studying at The Boston Conservatory, Stephanie began private and group training in various spiritual practices, including the art of ritual and ceremony. After graduating with a BFA in Music Theatre, Stephanie soon found herself called to study the healing arts. Thus began a rigorous 4-year training at the world-renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing studying hands on energy healing, which also required undertaking an intense journey of personal transformation. This unique and life-changing training provided Stephanie with a deep awareness of her own personal process, which combined with a vast array of healing skills, allows her to hold a compassionate and supportive container for your healing process.  Stephanie calls upon her training in the performing arts, various spiritual practices, and healing modalities to assist others in uncovering and allowing their true self to emerge.

Stephanie has written for Over The Moon Magazine and has been featured in the New York Daily News.