“There is one great and universal wish of mankind expressed in all religions, in all art and philosophy, and in all human life; the wish to pass beyond himself as he now is.” – Beatrice Hinkle

There is something magical that occurs when people come together to connect with something greater than themselves. You may be able to recall a certain yoga class, nature excursion, or a performance in which the combined elements heightened your senses and expanded your awareness far past the confines of your limited self-ego.   Perhaps this felt like a remembering – the remembrance of who you truly are and your connection to all of life. This brought you into deeper contact with your soul and you may have even left the event forever changed. This is similar to what happens during spiritual ceremonies.

You can liken a ceremony to a spiritual workshop or a mini-retreat where you are guided on a deep internal voyage to meet yourself; in which you step back from life to gain more understanding of yourself or a situation; where the veils between the physical world and spiritual realms soften allowing for insight, illumination, and transformation to occur. Through the elements of music, sacred space, energy healing, and ritual, Stephanie facilitates the space for this to transpire.

While each ceremony is crafted towards a different theme there are always elements of meditation, visualization, and ritual. People from all walks of life, religious backgrounds, and ages are welcome to attend.