The session starts before you arrive, as Stephanie creates sacred space and opens herself to receive the relevant information and benevolent energies that will be utilized to support you. After you arrive, Stephanie and you will talk for 10-15 minutes in which she listens deeply to you and continues to energetically observe what is being presented in the moment.

From there, you will lie on a healing table, fully clothed with your eyes closed. Stephanie then begins the hands on energy healing, which may or may not include vocalized sound healing.   During the healing you may experience shifts in energy, feel mild physical sensations, have emotions rise, experience contact with the spiritual realms, and almost all people experience a feeling of deep peace; however, every healing session is different and there is no right or wrong experience.

There is a little bit of discussion after the healing, however it is best to keep conversation to a minimum as your system begins to integrate the healing.  Brennan Healing Science is a therapeutic modality and each session builds upon the next to continue to support you in your healing process. Many people find that sessions go deeper as the client/healer relationship continues to develop.

Distance Healing

The human energy field does not operate under the same concepts of space and time as the physical body. Physicists have demonstrated that not only can a particle be in two places at once, but that particle can also communicate between those two places. That is what occurs during a distance healing. Stephanie connects with your energy field and performs the healing just as if you were in the same room together. A distance healing follows the same format of an in person healing except that the intake and post healing discussion is done over the phone or skype.

Stephanie sees clients in the Gramercy area of Manhattan.
In person and remote sessions are $100. Both last for 55 mins.
To book a session contact Stephanie at

Sliding scale is available for clients with financial limitations.