The Human Energy Field (HEF) surrounding the body is not only affected by our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and interactions with others, it is also affected by our surroundings, including sounds. The study of cymatics, developed by Dr. Hans Jenny, gives us insight as to how sound frequencies can affect the HEF.

Like laying on of hands healing, specific sounds have the ability to positively impact the HEF, leading to improved health and wellness. During a session Stephanie may incorporate sound healing by intuiting which tones to use and drawls upon her years studying music and vocal performance to produce the desired tone. Many clients report feeling lighter, more clear, and coherent after sound healing.

Stephanie uses sound healing to:

  • Clear, balance, and charge the HEF and Chakras (energy vortexes on the body)
  • Restructure levels of the HEF
  • Support the optimal health and healing of specific organs and physical systems in the body
  • and more