Winter SolsticeWomen have been gathering together on different phases of the moon in various ways for ages.  Today that practice still continues.  Stephanie leads the creation of sacred space to facilitate an experience for women to re-center, meditate, share, set intentions and receive and offer support.  This is a place where women can let down their guard, be vulnerable, authentic, and speak their truth while being held in a safe space.

Circles happen on or near the evening of the new moon because this is the best time, astrologically, to plant seeds for what you long to manifest in your life and for the world.  Setting intentions with a group is a powerful practice because it allows your dreams and goals to be witnessed and supported by others.  It also holds you accountable to taking the necessary action, internally and externally, to manifest your longings.

What Can I Expect At a Circle?

While every circle has a different theme, there in always meditation, group sharing, and the writing and speaking of individual intentions. The energy and dynamic of the group determines the flow and vibe of the circle as well; it is truly a co-created experience. Stephanie may also incorporate aspects of spiritual ceremony and ritual; however, it is not religious and open to women of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and faiths.